Dinamica GNU/Linux - Frequently Asked Questions

In case Dinamica EGO crashes, fails to run or gives any other problems, you can check this FAQ for more information.


Dinamica EGO is compatible with Ubuntu Desktop, version 17.10. It may run on other distributions, but they are not supported officially, please refer to Dinamica EGO GNU/Linux Compatibility for more details.

Dinamica EGO won't start

If you are running Dinamica EGO from the graphical interface, try to run the application in the console first. If you receive “Segmentation Fault”, check this.
If you are running Dinamica EGO from the console and receiving a different error, you can reach us in the Dinamica Google Group.

Segmentation Fault

Dinamica EGO shows “Segmentation Fault” when running, how should I proceed? When the messages shows just before running the application, it means your system is not supported. We advise Linux users to stick with supported distributions. Please refer to This page for a list of supported distributions.

Wayland Not Supported

Wayland is a new protocol that replaces X.org in Ubuntu from 17.10 and newer versions. Wayland does not support Java yet and because of that, it doesn't support Dinamica EGO either. To continue using Dinamica EGO with distributions that support Wayland by default, users must log in their sessions using the Xorg option. On the login screen, there is a little cogwheel next to the login button. If you click that cogwheel, you will be able to select Ubuntu on Xorg instead of Wayland.

CalculateRExpression doesn't work

If you encounter the following error:

Running "CalculateRExpression" ...
R error output:
Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called ‘Dinamica’
Calls: tryCatch ... tryCatch -> tryCatchList -> tryCatchOne -> <Anonymous>
"CalculateRExpression": R execution failed with an unknown error. Check the "Message Log" for more details."

The 'Dinamica Package for R' is not currently installed (maybe your R version got updated?).
In that case, refer to External Communication for instructions on how to install 'Dinamica Package for R'.

Unknown Error/Problem

If your error is not listed in this page, you can reach us in the Dinamica Google Group.