Generalized linear model interpolation - GLM


This functor interpolates values on the map based on predictor variables and Generalized linear model - GLM


Name Type Description
Input Points csv file Csv file with dependent variable (with columns: dependent, x, y)
Predictor Variables Folder Folder with predictors raster files (variables) in geoTif format
Output folder Folder Folder to save outputs.
Error Distribution In Function GLM Real Value Type Choose error distribution: 1 - binomial; 2 - gaussian; 3 - Gamma; 4 - inverse gaussian; 5 - poisson; 6 - quasi; 7 - quasibinomial; 8 - quasipoisson;
Coordinate Reference System String Type Define Coordinate Reference System with standard Rgdal formatting


Name Type Description
Map Map type Map of classes or categories


Internal Name