Principal Component Regression - PCR


This functor built rasters with eigenvalues of Principal Component Regression - PCR. For more details about function see: Jolliffe, Ian T. (1982). “A note on the Use of Principal Components in Regression”. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C. 31 (3): 300–303. doi:10.2307/2348005. JSTOR 2348005.


Name Type Description
Input Points csv file Input points (csv format) with dependent variable (with columns: dependent, x, y)
Predictors Map Type Map of predictor variables in geoTiff format.
Output folder Folder Folder to save output maps.
Folder Scenarios Raster Folder Folder with rasters for project in another scenario. The rasters should be named in the same way of predictors.
Project In Another Scenario Boolean Project PLSR in another scenario (future or past)


Name Type Description
Map Cube Map Cube Map of results


Internal Name