Spatial Autoregressive model interpolation - SAR


This function interpolates values on the map based on predictor variables and Spatial Autoregressive model - SAR. For more details about SAR, see: Wall M M (2004) A close look at the spatial structure implied by the CAR and SAR models. J of Statistical Planning and Inference, 121, 311-24


Name Type Description
Input Points csv file Csv file with dependent variable (with columns: dependent, x, y)
Predictor Variables Folder Folder with predictors raster files (variables) in geoTif format
Output folder Folder Folder to save outputs.
Cell Size Of Analysis Real Value Type Choose a value (cell size) for sampling the variables. Very small values (high resolution) can cause error.
Coordinate Reference System String Type Define Coordinate Reference System with standard Rgdal formatting


Name Type Description
Map Map type Map of classes or categories


Internal Name