What is New in Dinamica EGO 4

Dinamica EGO 4 is an evolution of version 3 but features many improvements when compared to it including, but not limited to:

  • Hundreds of bug fixes! Dinamica version 4 simply works better than version 3. In fact, version 4 is the best version of Dinamica to date.
  • It can be installed alongside version 3. This allows you to keep both versions independently on the same computer making the migration processo from version 3 to 4 easier and less stressful.
  • It is now possible to save KMZ files as part of a simulation model.
  • Dinamica now features a dynamic progress bar showing the overall progress of the model execution. Since the models can be arbitrarily complex, the bar adapts automatically to each situation and tries not to underestimate the time remaining to complete the execution.
  • When enough information is provided (functor alias, functor comments etc) Dinamica EGO represents the expressions used by Calculate Map, Calculate Value etc with a name and type icon, instead of using just i1, v1 etc. This particular change makes easier for the user the understand the expression meaning without changing how they are represented internally.